Feb 24

Trek Cafe and Lounge at CoreCon

And now for something completely different!

We were asked to have a suite at CoreCon, the local Sci-fi convention, to give out free vegan food to the attendees. So, we came up with the idea of having a Star Trek themed suite, and we’re calling it “Trek Cafe and Lounge,” a room filled with food from the future; replicated food! Most of the food in the Star Trek universe is replicated, and most everyone is vegetarian or vegan because of that, in case you didn’t know. (Except Klingons, of course!)

We’re going to need Sci-fi veg geeks to help! Benefits include: hanging out with us, watching lots of Star Trek shows/movies, and some free vegan food, of course!

I’m applying for funding through VegFund.org to help cover most of the costs of the room and food, but we’ll need extra funding for props, costumes and such. Here is where you can help:

From “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Lonely Among Us (1987):

Commander William T. Riker: We no longer enslave animals for food purposes.
Badar N’D’D: But we have seen Humans eat meat.
Commander William T. Riker: You’ve seen something as fresh and tasty as meat, but inorganically materialized, out of patterns used by our transporters.
Badar N’D’D: This is sickening. It’s barbaric!

For more information, go to our site at FMVeg.org.

Aug 26

Help Tigger (and Tamara) with his vet bill!

My friend Tamara still needs about $800 dollars to help pay for Tigger’s bill. She’s going through a lot right now, including diagnosis of a rare disease, as well as other health problems she’s having. Please consider donating a few bucks. If you cannot donate, please spread the word about it!  Thank you so much! :)

Apr 29

Vegetarianism 101 Free Event!

What: Curious about trying a vegetarian or vegan diet? Trying to find ways to plan “Meatless Monday” meals for your family? Members from FM-Veg will be speaking about vegetarianism and the differences between being a vegetarian and a vegan. They will also have recipes to share and samples of popular meat and dairy alternatives to try.


When: Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 7:00 PM to about 8:30 PM

Where: Moorhead Public Library
118 5th Street South, Moorhead, MN

To RSVP on Facebook, click here.

To check out our website and join, (it’s free!) click here.

Feb 28

Of Love Feasts, Meatout Mondays, CATS Cradle and More!

So, I haven’t posted for quite some time. Sorry about that! You know how it goes, it’s like writing a letter; you put it off, and then, pretty soon, you are embarrassed to write because it’s been so long.
Anyway, we have lots of exciting events coming up.

This Sunday, we have happening a very special and exotic dinner called Prasadam: The Power of Sacred Food. It is from the religion Hare Krishna, where on top of being vegetarian or vegan, they also eschew onions, garlic, carrots, red lentils (masur dahl), green flat lentils, mushrooms or products thereof, as well as adhering to not tasting or even smelling the food before it is served!

Then next Saturday the 10th, we are going out to Noodles and Company, a place where I’ve never had the pleasure of being. I’m a sucker for Thai food, so I look forward to that.

On the 20th of March is the Great American Meatout, which may bring to mind The Great American Smokeout. Yeah, kinda like that, except instead of giving up smoking for a day, we encourage everyone to have a meat free day instead, and if you are already meat free, how about going vegan for a day?

There is a new shelter in town called the CATS Cradle Shelter, and on the 22nd of March at the Garage Bar in Moorhead, they are having a fundraiser. In addition to being a cage free shelter, they also adopt out their felines for far less than it costs them to take care of them, so they need all the community to come out and listen to some live tunes, eat some good vegan food, and dig into your pockets to help this great charity!

Think vegetarian and vegan food is boring? Then peruse our photos here, and see what you are missing! We’d love to have you join us, and learn a recipe or two to add to your repertoire!

Mar 21

Welcome to the blog of Fargo Moorhead Vegetarians and Vegans!

First, an introduction.  FMVeg is a group of over 260 people in the Fargo Moorhead area who share one thing in common: For one reason or another, we have a love for vegetarian and vegan food, and love to eat!  We have great monthly potlucks, go out to veg friendly restaurants, and like to have picnics in the park and such!

Have you ever wondered what are the differences between vegetarian and vegan? Well, the definition of a vegetarian is someone who does not eat any food which comes from any animal that had to die to create it, so no beef, chicken, fish, etc., nor gelatin or any animal based broths.  Vegan people add to that definition in that they also do not eat any milk, cheese, eggs, nor animal products, including honey, though you will find a few who do eat honey, depending on why they are vegan.  I hope that this blog helps people understand that there are a growing number of people who eat a plant based diet, and the plethora of reasons they choose to do so!

If you are interested in joining us, please go to http://meetup.com/fm-veg