Aug 26

Help Tigger (and Tamara) with his vet bill!

My friend Tamara still needs about $800 dollars to help pay for Tigger’s bill. She’s going through a lot right now, including diagnosis of a rare disease, as well as other health problems she’s having. Please consider donating a few bucks. If you cannot donate, please spread the word about it!  Thank you so much! 🙂

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  1. Kathleen Keene

    Here’s a note from my friend Tamara:
    “I am so sorry that I haven’t had time to update…things have been so hectic here! Tigger is on his meds, and special diet. He is trying to fight us more with his meds, but that to me shows he is getting stronger. His pain meds are almost done about 2 more days, antibiotics for one more week, and the Prazosin one more week. We need to go buy some food for Tigger at the vet again because he was sent home with the after crisis diet of canned food. It is giving him the runs a bit (soft food always does), so we are going to see if we can switch to dry food with canned food thrown in for variety once a week. He has a blood blister on his toe, and his little under area is itchy and annoying to him, but he is still using his potty and doing generally well. He is playful for short bursts, is lovey and doing his usual Tiger behaviors. I might have to let go of the internet or other things to help pay this carecredit off in 6 months, we can’t afford it…we have about 900 left to pay off after taking out what is already plegded on his chipin and jazzy & mumbos. Total bill (not including his food we need to get, and the one month follow up) was 1,400. Some people told me I should have put him down because I shouldn’t put myself in debt like this…but I look at him now…the love he gives me. His puurs and cuddles…I see his thankfulness and his gratitude for being here…I know I made the right choice. If you can help spread the chip in…or help out when you can I’d be so grateful. Remember I do have now 5 months to pay it off before we are all but screwed, so if you can’t help out now, there is some time. I am thankful to all who care so much about my Tigger. It is heartening to see love for an animal, and understanding from fellow animal lovers. I even got messages coming in from people at Sanford Health asking about him. He has become quite the little celebri-kitty! All I know is I am glad he is alive…and even more glad people care.”

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